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Learning partnerships

In accordance with the articles 149 and 150 of the EC Treaty, the role of the Community concentrates on contributing to the development of a quality education, encouraging the cooperation among the Members States and, if necessary, to support and complete its action, especially in order to develop the European dimension in education, developing the mobility and promoting the European cooperation between education and university institutions.
Therefore, according to these articles, the Union does not pretend to elaborate nor apply to common politics as regards education, but developing the cooperation in this field.
The Socrates Program belongs to these Community action programmes adopted under the co-decision procedure to European scale between the Council and the Parliament.
One of their actions is Grundtvig. It facilitates cross-cultural investigation, mobility and exchange of experiences among partnerships in charge of adults training. In our case, with the project Luces: Cognitive Abilities, we had to develop proposals dedicated to the training of future entrepreneurs.

The partnerships that take part in this project are the following:

Organismo Autónomo para el Desarrollo Local

Is an entity that supports the management and starting-up of experiences of local development and occupational training in the Cáceres province. It aims at developing innovative experiences, support for the design and execution of other experiences promoted by the different teams that exist in the province.

Its objectives are:

  • To develop local development methodologies so that they give support to the Local Entities and other local Institutions.
  • To use and disseminate the funds available for local development.
  • To help to use the available resources of the region through innovation.
  • To facilitate the valorisation of the resources and productions, especially those of the architrectural, natural and cultural patrimony of the different districts of Extremadura.
  • To promote public and private investements in our province.
  • To introduce new technologies in every development sector.
  • To design training, advice and information services for Local Entities and Development centres of the province.
  • To improve the training processes and production of the “Escuelas Taller” (workshop schools) and “Casas de Oficios” (linked work and training centres) adapting them to the needs of the labour market.
  • To promote the hiring of the students of the program who work, making the manager aware and encouraging self-employment and social economy.
  • To encourage the participation of Local Entities in the UE development.
  • To facilitate the action of the Autonomous Community in the Cáceres province in the fields of the organism.
  • To contribute to create or maintain work in the province.


The Centre of adult training of Villaverde (CEPA of Villaverde) is a service which is answerable to the Consejería of Education and Culture of the Madrid Community.

This institution has not stopped working since its creation in 1960. During the year 1995 its building was restructured to improve the equipments of the regulated and non-regulated activities, that took place there. These activities are for young people and adults.


Sinergia is a non-profit-making association that acts in Castile and Leon from 1995 in the field of the adults and young people non-regulated education, of employment and self-employment, personal development, youth and social work.

Sinergia collaborates with the autonomous region of Castile and Leon, provincial delegations, town councils, public and private training centres and NGOs.

TEMPO Training Center

The company TEMPO was founded in September 1996 in Ostrava with the aim of becoming a reputable training centre in the field of computer and business training. In the last four years TEMPO went through emphatic progression and has already three offices, in Ostrava, Prague and Brno. Since 1999 we also have another office in San Francisco (USA), which gives planning and consultancy services. Currently, our company has 46 employees, including lectors and assistants, without the need of outsourcing.

The activities of TEMPO are divided into the following five main areas:

  • Computer training and training for personal computer users and software professionals
  • Training programs to enhance managerial and entrepreneurial skills
  • Development and implementation of European co-operation programmes in conjunction with the European Union programmes
  • Language training using multimedia for English, German and also Dutch language, including projects for the development of CD ROM’s
  • Design and creation of websites.


TITAN Centre has been established by university lecturers, members of Nepravitelstwena Profesionalna Organizacia Izledovatelski Proecti sa Evropeiska I Atlanticheska Integrazia NGO RESEARCH PROJECTS for EURO and ATLANTIC INTEGRATION

TITAN CENTRE – Technology, Information, Transfer and Analysis

TITAN Centre has been established to work as an “incubator” of innovative projects and develop relations between training, industrial and management centres.

The main taks of the centre are:

  • To shorten the distance between the idea and the project under implementation;
  • To help the international cooperation of specialists in different fields;
  • To gather and present information from different perspectives and possibilities for the development of equipment and technology;
  • Technical specialization and economic estimate of technology and projects;
  • To carry out some training actions for the vocational guidance or re-guidance in the field of new technologies;
  • Implementation of new teaching methods and analyse of their viability;
  • Consultancy and methodological activities in the field of engineering and technology;
  • To establish and keep in touch with specialists in similar fields;
  • Surveys of public opinion on the problems of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Bulgaria

The Centre also creates databases:

  • Technology, development for implementation;
  • Applicants for developing active economic activities;
  • Preparing didactic materials for teaching;
  • Promotion of the Centre and dissemination of its activities.

The Centre of Guidance, Information and Employment (COIE)

The Centre of Guidance, Information and Employment (COIE) of the UNED (national distance university) is answerable to the Vice-Chancellorship of Students and Institutional Relationships, which performs its functions in co-ordination with the attached Associated Centres.

To offer the support and help to all our university community for the adaptation and academic integration of the student and for his professional introduction and promotion.

The centre offers its services to:

  • Students and graduates of the UNED.
  • Teaching staff, Administration and Services staff

Consorzio Artigiano Autoriparatori

Il Consorzio Artigiano Autoriparatori è un consorzio di imprese che riunisce 1140 aziende di autoriparazione sul territorio nazionale.

Opera senza scopo di lucro dal 1994 in attività di formazione e aggiornamento per gli autoriparatori collaborando con:

  • Agenform - Agenzia Servizi Formativi Provincia di Cuneo
  • Agenzia Formativa Istituto Gamma di Torino
  • Clinica Paolo Sacchi - Servizi di Prevenzione
  • Confartigianato Formazione Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta
  • Conseil National des Professions de l'Automobile
  • Impresa Ambiente
  • Plymouth College of Further Education
  • Provincia di Torino
  • Suzuki Italia s.p.a.
  • Università degli Studi di Torino – Facoltà di Economia e Commercio

Tra i servizi che il CAA offre agli associati:

  • Realizzazione di corsi di formazione per adulti relativi a: sistemi elettronici di funzionamento, diagnosi e controllo, prassi diagnostica, elettronica di base e avanzata, sistema qualità ISO 9000, sicurezza 626, infomatica (rilascio della Patente Europea), internet, Legge sulla Privacy: adempimenti dell’officina, marketing, business games, management dell’impresa, principi di tecniche di vendita e comunicazione con il cliente, controllo di gestione, inglese
  • Realizzazione del software Easy Car per la gestione dell’impresa (gestione magazzino, clienti, fornitori, fatture ed autovetture) che viene dato gratuitamente agli associati
  • Vendita Bollino Blu
  • Pratiche per il rilascio delle autorizzazioni per il Bollino Blu
  • Convenzione medico del lavoro
  • Convenzione per finanziamenti ai clienti delle officine
  • Convenzione per assistenza recupero crediti
  • Assistenza L. 626
  • Consulenza finanziamenti agevolati
  • Convenzione per consulenza e smaltimento rifiuti

The Associations in the project “Luces: Cognitive Abilities” are very different, because they are aimed at all social stratum, although they usually focus on popular social groups and on those who have important social and educative lacks.

To facilitate the reading of this guide, each point in the chapters follows the same sequence: introduction, which contains the objectives, the outline of contents with the activities and bibliography.

Lastly, we would like to underline that the purpose of this work is to make people aware that, through the training programs for Entrepreneurs, a lot of people can accede easier to the labour market when they probably would not have any opportunity if they were wage workers.

Mª Luisa Sánchez Almagro
Juan Antonio Moriano León
Cándida Sevilla Solano

Learning partnerships

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The digital edition of this guide has been final responsibility of Organismo Autónomo para el Desarrollo Local of the Diputación Provincial de Cáceres